Casebook API

A small API is available for querying the casebook.

Cycling fatalities

A list of all cycling fatalities can be obtained using the following endpoint:

Lists for individual years can be obtained by appending the year; for example:

This returns an array of incidents, each populated as follows:

  • id (integer): the incident id
  • url (string): the URL for the incident page in the casebook
  • fatalities (object[]): the cycling fatalities in the incident, each populated as follows:
    • name (string): the person’s name (or “Unnamed man/woman/person” if unknown)
    • sex (string): the person’s sex
    • age (integer): the person’s age
  • type (string): a human-readable descriptor for the type of incident
  • hour (integer): the hour of the day [0-23]
  • minute (integer): the minute of the day [0-59]
  • day (integer): the day [0-31]
  • month (integer): the month [1-12]
  • year (integer): the year [2016-]
  • time (string): the time in friendly form
  • date (string): the date in friendly form
  • road_name (string): the name of the road on which the incident occurred
  • town (string): the name of the town in which the incident occurred
  • county (string): the name of the county in which the incident occurred
  • lat (float): the latitude of the incident location
  • lng (float): the longitude of the incident location
  • location_is_accurate (boolean): if false, the lat/lng values should be treated as approximations only
  • police_force (string): the name of the police force handling the incident