November 2014

When Words Collide

Language is a funny old thing: it can be beautiful yet brutal; trivial yet pivotal. At the very least, it’s always a product of the author’s thoughts: a symptom of an attitude; a barometer of a mindset. But—more than that—whether subtle or strident, malign or mendacious, it remains our main tool of influence. What you say, what you write, is important.

But sometimes, it’s a car crash.

Let’s take a look at it, pull it apart, see if it needs fixing, and then put it back together.

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Fuck This

Low sun. When do we get our collective heads around this apparently unfathomable phenomenon?

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Testing Some Logic

This morning I tweeted a link to this oft-cited article which explains saccadic masking, with the suggestion that perhaps the explanation of it—the understanding of why that first look isn’t enough, even though you absolutely think it is—ought to be a part of mandatory training for drivers.

Back came the response, “How about a compulsory driving [sic] test for all cyclists as well?”

Well, why not?

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Arguing For Protection

Amazingly, an MP has stood up in the House of Commons and argued the case for lifetime driving bans as protection from particularly dangerous drivers.

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The Sounds of Science

The use of headphones is just one of many aspects of cycling behaviour which generates lively debate; but debate which rarely braves the cold world of data and quantitative study, preferring to inhabit the opinion columns of newspapers and the soundbites of politicians.

Let’s try and move it on a little.

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