This is the Casebook, which contains details of road collisions and their legal outcomes. Inevitably, it is far from comprehensive. The intention is to include all cycling fatalities, plus as many other significant or interesting cases as possible.

The reasoning behind this proritisation of information capture is not that cycling fatalities are the most important, but that it captures a number of the most contentious and discussion-worthy aspects of road collisions and the legal handling of them, whilst being a broadly manageable workload. Other cases are recorded where they have notable aspects of interest, although—returning to the matter of the manageable workload—currently there is no easy way to browse them.

A small API is available.

Annual cycling fatality lists

Please note that these lists include more fatalities than are expected in the official STATS19 data. These lists include medical deaths, Northern Ireland deaths, and deaths occurring 30 or more days later than the collision, none of which contribute to official DfT figures.