Crowd Research

Research takes time, and I only have so much of that. Maybe you can help…

Currently I could use some assistance with the following.

Queensland cycling fatalities

I’ve created a spreadsheet which lists the dates of all incidents in Queensland, Australia where a cyclist died. The list starts at 1989 and runs to the present, but for this exercise I’m primarily looking for incidents in the years 2009-2016 inclusive. The list is in ascending chronological order, so you can find these towards the bottom.

What I want is just the victim’s name (where known), the rough location of the incident, and—this is the bit I really need—a brief description of the nature of the incident. Just a sentence or two, but include salient facts like whether there was another road user involved, whether they were distracted, whether the victim was struck from behind or at a junction—that sort of thing. I’ve quickly done a few already so you can get an idea.

To find information, I would suggest starting with a Google News search for “queensland cyclist killed”, then go to “Search tools” near the top of the page and change “Recent” to “Custom range…” starting with the date of the incident and extending to a week or two after it. That may not be enough for all incidents, but it’s a starting point.

It’ll probably take about five minutes per incident, and that starts to add up to a lot quite quickly, so five minutes of your time will help me immensely.

Thanks for any help.

You can find the spreadsheet here.