Fatal collision 3 April 2016 A352 Worgret Road, Wareham, Dorset

Last updated 11 January 2017
Approximate location
A352 Worgret Road, Wareham, Dorset (show full map)
Casualties Richard Ellis, 58 (fatality)
Time of incident 6:10pm, 3 April 2016
Vehicles involved Pedal cycle, Car
Incident factors None known
Police details Dorset, incident 3:316

Richard Ellis was nearing the end of a 200km Audax ride when he was killed by Laura Brayshaw, who drove into him. Brayshaw had turned around in her seat to admonish one of her three children for throwing popcorn. Drifting from her course, she mounted a grass verge to her nearside before veering back across the carriageway, striking Ellis head-on and hitting a parked car before crashing into a garden. She was charged with causing death by careless driving.

A little under five months later, in August, Brayshaw was stopped by police after having been observed driving erratically and with her lights off at night. She had two of her children in the car and had drunk “a couple of glasses of wine” and “too many [anti-depressant] pills”. Several drugs were reported as being present in her system and, although none were individually over any strict limit, she was charged with driving while unfit through drugs.

Both charges were heard together, and Brayshaw pleaded guilty to both. In January 2017 Judge Peter Crabtree sentenced her to 20 weeks’ imprisonment and awarded a 20 month driving ban.