Fatal incident 20 August 2015 St George's Quay, Lancaster, Lancashire

Last updated 1 November 2016
on shared cycleway/footway, St George's Quay, Lancaster, Lancashire (show full map)
Casualties Unnamed man, 57 (fatality)
Time of incident 12:10pm, 20 August 2015
Vehicles involved Pedal cycle
Incident factors None known
Police details Lancashire, incident 467

According to reports, a 57 year old man fell 4ft from a cycle path onto a grass embankment. He then picked up is bicycle and climbed back to the cycle path but then collapsed and died.

The location of the incident is reportedly east of the Carlisle railway bridge, but little more is known. It is unclear from Google Maps and Streetview where this would be, but all potential locations would appear to require the man to have fallen over (and hence presumably collided with) a barrier along the cycleway.