Fatal collision 1 January 2015 A3, Bramshott Chase, Hampshire

Last updated 20 September 2016
Approximate location
A3, Bramshott Chase, Hampshire (show full map)
Casualties James Stephenson, 32 (fatality)
Time of incident 7:30am, 1 January 2015
Vehicles involved Pedal cycle, LGV (<3.5t), Car
Incident factors Dark, Failed to see, Hit from behind
Police details Hampshire

James Stephenson was killed on the A3 near the Hampshire–Surrey border when he was hit from behind and then run over with a second vehicle. He was returning home after having consumed alcohol, but the police stated that “there was no evidence that Mr Stephenson had been cycling in a bad manner” and his bicycle had a rear light.

No charges were brought against either of the drivers who struck him.

The A3 has a pavement at the nearside of the southbound carriageway which is a shared footway and cycleway, but it stops abruptly, around a mile from the junction where Stephenson would be leaving the A3. The recorded location of the collision is shortly after the point where the cycleway stops and dumps cyclists into the 70mph dual carriageway.

This incident is discussed in further detail in the article “No Further Action”, which discusses the decision of the police not to take action, and is mentioned in “How to Design a Death”, which discusses the proliferation of extremely dangerous cycling infrastructure designs on the strategic roads network.