Fatal collision 23 May 2016 St James's Road, Croydon, London

Last updated 12 August 2017
St James's Road, Croydon, London (show full map)
Casualties Magda Tadaj, 25 (fatality)
Time of incident 1:35pm, 23 May 2016
Vehicles involved Pedal cycle, HGV (3.5t+)
Incident factors Driver/rider left scene
Police details Metropolitan Police

Magda Tadaj was killed when she was crushed under an HGV at the point where St. James’s Road narrows to pass over a bridge and a narrow painted cycle lane abruptly ends, forcing cyclists into the path of vehicles travelling parallel to the centre line.

The HGV driver, Darren Anderton, was charged with causing death by careless driving and failing to stop at the scene of a collision.

At Anderton’s trial in April 2017, prosecutors reportedly stated that Tadaj “had been in the cycle lane until it ran out at a narrowing in the road”, whereupon “instead of pulling out to allow Miss Tadaj sufficient space or slowing to allow her to continue ahead, the defendant maintained his course and struck her on the near side of his vehicle just in front of the wheel arch in front of his cab.” Tadaj was dragged 14 metres along the tarmac before being pulled under the wheels of the lorry.

The prosecution further stated that Anderton “stopped almost immediately. He got out and went to the rear of his lorry. He waited there for about eight minutes and then returned to his cab and drove off and appears to have continued with his daily routine of delivery.”

Anderton was cleared of causing Tadaj’s death.