Fatal collision 29 May 2016 Swepstone Road, Swepstone, Leicestershire

Last updated 13 August 2017
Approximate location
Swepstone Road, Swepstone, Leicestershire (show full map)
Casualties Valerie Reed, 55 (fatality)
Time of incident 10:55am, 29 May 2016
Vehicles involved Pedal cycle, Car
Incident factors None known
Police details Leicestershire, incident 215

Valerie Reed died when she was hit from behind by Leonard Pigram on a straight road with good visibility.

Pigram said at the scene that he had sneezed. In his plea statement he said, “although I thought I had room to sufficiently overtake, I should have allowed more room.”

Although Pigram’s eyesight was tested as being adequate for driving, he failed to read a number plate at 20 metres and voluntarily agreed that his licence should be revoked. He was given a six month suspended sentence and ordered to do 240 hours’ unpaid work and pay ¬£800 costs.