Fatal collision 8 May 2015 Bagwell Lane, Winchfield, Hampshire

Last updated 20 September 2016
Approximate location
Bagwell Lane, Winchfield, Hampshire (show full map)
Casualties Roger Compton, 60 (fatality)
Time of incident 11:30pm, 8 May 2015
Vehicles involved Pedal cycle
Incident factors Dark
Police details Hampshire

Roger Compton was found in a ditch by a jogger on the morning of May 9 2015. An inquest held in July 2015 heard that he had broken his neck on impact when he was ejected from his tricycle.

Coroner Andrew Bradley recorded a verdict of accidental death and said, “What happens we will never know, save he is jettisoned for some reason and the fracture killed him. There has been some catastrophe. He’s left the road almost in a straight line and gone head first into a steep ditch.”