Fatal collision 20 May 2015 Keppochhill Road, Possil, Glasgow

Last updated 19 October 2016
Keppochhill Road, Possil, Glasgow (show full map)
Casualties David Thomson, 67 (fatality)
Time of incident 7:50pm, 20 May 2015
Vehicles involved Pedal cycle, Car
Incident factors Dooring
Police details Strathclyde

David Thomson sustained fatal injuries when taxi driver Joseph Connelly opened his car door into his path, knocking Thomson from his bicycle. Connelly claimed that the door had not struck Thomson, but CCTV reportedly showed this claim to be false.

Connelly was charged with “endangerment and injury”, to which he pleaded guilty. In October 2016 Sheriff Celia Sanderson voiced her surprise that he had not been charged with causing death, and fined him £400.