Fatal collision 21 September 2016 Langroyd Road, Colne, Lancashire

Last updated 8 February 2017
Langroyd Road, Colne, Lancashire (show full map)
Casualties Susan Smith, 55 (fatality)
Time of incident 2:25pm, 21 September 2016
Vehicles involved Pedal cycle, HGV (3.5t+)
Incident factors None known
Police details Lancashire, incident 776

Susan Smith died at the scene after falling from her bicycle and being crushed by a passing HGV. She was undertaking a charity ride at the time.

An inquest held in February 2017 heard that Smith was one of a group of five riders who were heading for Colne railway station after having struggled with muddy towpaths. They were riding along a pavement at the side of the rural stretch of the A56 where it climbs a hill.

Smith wobbled as she climbed and caught her handlebar on the stone wall next to the pavement, and as a result she fell sideways into the carriageway. She landed behind the tractor unit of the lorry and was crushed by the trailer wheels. The lorry was a little over 1m from the kerb at the point of the collision.