Fatal collision 17 November 2015 B6532, Durham, Durham

Last updated 10 March 2017
At T-junction, B6532, Durham, Durham (show full map)
Casualties Walter Heighley, 81 (fatality)
Time of incident 11:15am, 17 November 2015
Vehicles involved E-bike, Bus or coach
Incident factors None known
Police details Durham

Walter Heighley was killed when he was struck by a bus driven by James Forsyth Cox, who was overtaking Heighley and another rider. Cox was charged with causing death by careless driving and in August 2016 pleaded not guilty.

At his trial in March 2017, the court heard that Heighley was riding line astern with a companion when Cox overtook them approaching a junction with a side road, Potterhouse Lane, to the right. Cox stated that there was no other vehicle in the vicinity at the time and he had evaluated his manoeuvre as safe, but Heighley moved to his right, intending to make the right turn, and he and the bus collided.

Cox stated in his interview and at trial that “there was nothing to suggest the cyclists, either by indication or a look over the shoulder, intended to turn right at the junction” and believed that Heighley and his companion were intending to continue straight ahead.

The jury failed to reach a verdict.