Are Cyclists Their Own Worst Enemies?

27 February 2015


  1. Motojojo 28 February 2015 4:45am #

    I assume you are referring to the fella who thought he was very self amused by his comments to a cyclist who recorded him on her GoPro claiming that cyclists “deserve to die”
    All I can say about this fella, is that he deserves to be publicly humiliated but that is about the sum of it. Sure, its a shame that there are people who feel that way, but some people are just assholes and they always will be.

    • Bez 28 February 2015 8:15am #

      No, it’s a reference to a piece in The Scotsman with the same title. I didn’t actually read that piece beyond the title, because it’s been done a thousand times before, each time little if anything more than professional trolling.

      • Matt 4 March 2015 10:49am #

        I would ask for a link to the original article so I could find out what you’re responding to, but I don’t want to provide them with the page hits, nor stress myself out just before lunch.

        • Bez 4 March 2015 10:58am #

          I simply imagined the content of every other article I’ve read with a similar title 🙂

  2. Cycle (@AusCycle) 4 March 2015 4:37am #

    Hahaha… Perfect

  3. hungryspokeswoman 4 March 2015 9:14pm #

    This is definitely the best post I’ve read on the matter

  4. mikey bikey 6 March 2015 11:54am #

    ‘Bike Gob’ of Glasgow has a critique of the ‘Scotsman’ article one can read without giving the paper any hits. (, Saw it on, as was this page too!).
    One of the commenters on BikeGob wrote that they found the article so inflammatory, they felt like reporting it for incitement. It does read like it was dictated to the journo by the Taxi drivers association, or am I stereotyping now too ;-). nuff said.

  5. matt 30 May 2015 1:35am #

    If all other road users have to pass a test and hold a license surely we should . I would hopefully go some way to stop the dangerous idiots who insist on not looking ,signalling and cutting dangerousley though traffic while on their mobile phones giving the rest of us a bad name .

    • Bez 30 May 2015 10:09am #

      So, on that basis, you’d also argue for people to take tests before riding horses, using mobility scooters, or walking.

      And if it goes some way to solving the issues you mention, explain why a similar proportion of people have similar attitudes to laws and attentiveness when they’re in charge of a ton of metal, and when they’ve had to pass a test.

      Surveys repeatedly show that people who cycle (80% of whom hold driving licences and have therefore been tested) have better knowledge of the highway code than drivers, anyway.

      So, although the points you make are understandable, they’re baseless.

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