Council refuses to repair potholes less than 60mm deep

8 March 2016

Perth and Kinross council has adopted a policy of not filling potholes unless they are at least 60mm deep, an increase of 50% over its former threshold.

In its budget plan, the council anticipated savings of £120,000 despite historically underspending on its highways budget.

The move is concerning in the light of potholes being the direct cause of two fatalities in England already this year (Kate Vanloo and Ralph Brazier), as well as being implicated in other incidents such as Philip Pankhurst’s narrow escape.

Perth and Kinross’s compensation claims due to pothole incidents already reach into five figures annually, though it is not clear whether the predicted savings account for a likely increase in these. Online reports highlight anecdotal difficulty in claiming compensation.

On the roads maintenance page of its website Perth and Kinross Council says, “We take the safety of the public very seriously‚ĶThe Council maintains the roads according to a policy for inspection and repair that reflects national best practice”.

More at The Courier.

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