October 2013

The Most Basic Respect

Although I read a lot of news articles about injury and death on the road, many involving “cyclists” (they’re people who happen to be on bicycles, but the “cyclist” generalisation is pertinent to this article), I very rarely read or even see the comments.

But sometimes, I do read them.

Thus far, I’ve managed to resist ever posting a comment myself.

This post is hopefully the one comment I will ever need to make.

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The Law and The Road: Things Must Change

Nearly a year ago I was furious at a legal system that completely failed to provide either protection for vulnerable road users or remotely appropriate punishment for people who kill on the roads.

That piece spurred a number of people into writing to their MPs to demand answers. And it’s time to be spurred into action now.

Because now, things are worse.

Things must change.

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